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Yakushidô Center  薬師堂

Yakushidô 薬師堂 in Japanese the center of the Medicine Buddha is a place  in Geneva providing activities related to several Eastern health practises and more widely traditional aspects of asian culture. 

Activities are progressively developping and in the near future the Yakushidô Center should become a research and study center as well, mostly for Oriental Medicine.

In 2013:

Next scheduled activities:
- Qi Gong Workshop on saturday march 23rd. 
- Shakuhachi workshop on saturday may 4th 14:00-17:00
- Chinese pulse diagnosis intructory class one saturday in June to be defined.

- Shakuhachi discovery workshop on saturday 29th June 14:00-17:00
- Daoist Retreat in the Swiss Alps August 22-25

- Private Meridian Shiatsu sessions 経絡指圧 using the diagnostic approach form the old chinese classics as the Nei Jing Su Wen 黄帝内経. Counseling and life stresses issues are taken into account as much as the body work into this approach.

-  Dô-In 導引 workshops

- Shiatsu classes for indiviuduals as well as professionals

- Tai Ji Quan 太極拳 classes

- Vipassana based meditation workshops and retreats with Geneva Mindfulness

Private japanese language lessons as well as Tea Ceremony classes are also available.

We also have a shop where you can find books on how to learn Japanese, many japanese classic dvds, tatamis, rice paper screens, japanese metal tea pots and green tea.
Thai style trousers in many models perfect for yoga, pregnant woment etc..

We also sell carefully selected tibetan singing bowls and promote activities related to traditional eastern chants and music.

For further information please check each section or even better contact me directly, We are doing our best to keep the website updated but it's not always perfect.

Thank you for visiting us!

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